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Water forget-me-not

- never forgets its name
Water forget-me-nots grow in damp places, often along a watercourse. The blue flowers are brought together in two twisted 'scorpioid cymes' where the lower flowers blossom first. The flowers are pink when they first blossom.
You can read here how the forget-me-got got its name:
When God had created all the plants and animals, he gave them names. One little flower was given the name 'sky flower' because it was blue as the sky with a tiny yellow sun in the middle.
In the spring, God called the flowers. First he started with the early spring flowers such as winter aconite and snowdrops, then violets, anemones, dandelions and the sky flower.
The other flowers shot up quickly in the warm spring sun, but the little sky flower did not come up. It turned into summer and then autumn, and all the flowers withered and disappeared. 
– When can I come up, suddenly piped up a little voice.
God looked at the little sky flower and wondered why it had not already blossomed in the spring, when it had been called.
– I had forgotten my name, sniffed the sky flower. 
The flower was therefore given the beautiful name forget-me-not instead. Next spring, when God called on all the flowers, there was no one who had forgotten their names.
Facts about the water forget-me-not
Height: 15-40 cm
Perennial herb. Belonging to the Boraginaceae family. Flowers from April to August.
The flowers are gathered together in small, curled scorpioid cymes. They are light blue with five petals and a yellow centre.
Water forget-me-nots grow in damp meadows and bogs and along watercourses. The flower can be commonly found throughout the country.