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The pig in the pram

Prams could be used to transport other things than children past the gendarmes at the border along the river Kongeå.

 A woman with a pram wanted to cross the border at the customs office at Troldkjær. The gendarme asked if he could see the baby in the pram.

- If you want to see him, then he's going to scream all the way into Jels where we are going to visit my sister, informed the woman and was allowed to pass without showing the boy.
Every day the woman took the same trip across the border with the pram. After a while, the wondering gendarme asked if the boy could still fit in the pram.

- Yes, it's not great, but it will probably do for a little while longer, the woman replied.

She continued her trips across the border with the pram until one day the gendarme lost his patience and pulled the blanket off. There was no boy in the pram, but a little pink piggy.


There was a famine in Southern Jutland, during World War I, so the pigs south of the border were in great need.

Place: Troldkjær, at the border by Kolding
Source: Erik Larsen, Skodborghus.