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Mikkelsen on a smuggler hunt

Mikkelsen was a gendarme at the border until 1918. He uncovered many smuggling tricks.

Into the warm
A woman was having her daily walk at the customs office where the gendarme Mikkelsen worked. Mikkelsen suspected that she was smuggling something across the border, but he could not find out what it was. He decided to offer the woman a mug of punch.

They went into the inn, and he made sure the woman was seated  by the stove, which was nice and warm. At first nothing really happened and Mikkelsen had to sacrifice another round of punch. After some time, something began dripping from the woman's clothing. It turned out that it was butter she had been smuggling.
- Now you'd better go home and get some clean clothes on and then stop this smuggling business, warned Mikkelsen.

Soap in the stove
A stagecoach crossed the border at regular intervals. One cold autumn day, Mikkelsen came into the carriage and asked the passengers if they were warm enough. They replied that it was certainly cold enough and it was definitely no fun. But they tried to make the best of it.

Mikkelsen asked why they did not just light up the stove.

– The stove has broken - it doesn't work, came the answer.
Mikkelsen went over to the stove, opened the door and removed a large pile of soap.

– Firstly, you can now fire up your stove. And secondly, you need to find a new place to smuggle next time.

Mikkelsen confiscated the soap, but the smugglers were let off with no other punishment.

Source: Erik Larsen, Skodborghus.