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Caught eel in the river

Peter Jorgensen and Ejvind Juhl Laugesen tell how as children they used to catch eels in the river Kongeå when the meadows along the river were watered.

- In the old days, the meadows along the river Kongeå were watered with water from the river. The water in the river was dammed up, and then for three weeks the north and the south sides of the river were watered alternaely. When the water fell again, there were plenty of eels in the river.

 - We boys could catch about 20 to 30 large eels a day, so it became something of a sport to come and catch them. There was only one potential danger. If we boys from the south side were found fishing over on the north side, we would be chased home. The same thing happened to the boys from the north side when they fished on our side.

Place: Foldingbro
Source: Peter Jørgensen and Ejvind Juhl Laugesen, Foldingbro