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Rich fens

-  the premier league of habitats
Rich fens belong to the most species-rich habitats in Denmark. Here you can find up to 30 different plant species per square metre. Fens are also home to a large number of orchids and other rare plants. Fens therefore belong to the elite of Danish habitats.
Rich fens are particularly common in eastern and northern Denmark, where there is much calcium in the subsoil. Fens can often be found in the river valleys at the foot of cliffs or hollows where nutrient-poor and calcareous groundwater comes to the surface.
Threatened habitat
Today rich fens are a rare and threatened habitat. The biggest threats are supply of nutrients and lack of grazing, which leads to the fens being overgrown with tall nettles, thistles, willow herbs and reeds.
As rich fens are also under threat on a European level, according to Natura2000, the municipalities have to preserve and extend rich fen areas, which is done with the relevant nature conservation.
Typical plants
Characteristic rich fen plants include the western marsh orchids, early marsh orchid, ragged robin, marsh marigold, trollius, topstar, quaking grass and lousewort.