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Byegen in Jernvedlund

In Jernvedlund there is an old oak tree, Byegen, at the site where a thingstead used to be be.


The oak tree

Byegen is a big old oak tree that stands in the field between Gørdingvej and Plougstrupvej. Previously there was a cluster of farms around the area, but they all burned down in a big fire in 1869. When the farms were rebuilt, they were moved away towards Plougstrupvej, and therefore the oak today is set back on its own in a rather lonely position.

It is not known for certain how old Byegen is, but a good guess is between 200 and 250 years. The tree has been exposed to a fungal attack, so Byegen is not quite as big and beautiful as it was years ago.



There used to be ring of stones encircling Byegen. This was the thingstead for the Gørding-Malt district from 1811 to 1814. Here the district bailiffs held the meetings, and when the thingstead was moved to Hulvad in the Malt district, the citizens of Jernved Lund continued to use the place for town meetings.

During the First World War, 1914 -1918, the soldiers had to present themselves at Byegen to have their salaries paid, and thus Byegen served the area as a kind of municipal office.



Author: Jernved Parish archives


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1.      Byegen i Jernvedlund

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Tekst: Byegen and thingstead in Jernvedlund.

Photo: Jernved Parish archives