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Round trip between Hjortlund and Jernvedlund

5.9 kilometres

Map - Round trip between Hjortlund and Jernvedlund. The map displays data from Geodatastyrelsen, Kort10.

You can park your car by Hjortlund church, where you will also find a picnic table/benches and from where you can enjoy a wonderful view overlooking the Kongeå valley. The last part of this route requires hiking boots or wellington boots.

From the car park, you should follow the marked posts towards the river where you will start by walking over the bridge and towards the north.     

In the old days, a ferry man was there to ferry people over the river Kongeå by Hjortlund. This was done in a small flat-bottomed barge that could be operated by one person. In 1875, some money was collected to build a wooden bridge over the river and a new bridge has now been constructed since then.                                        

The route takes you through the lovely little village of Jernved, and you walk here for a short distance through the village, until a marked post shows you the way into a dirt road. You should follow the dirt road a good distance to the south, before you come out into the fields again. From here you can see another new bridge, which you should walk down to and cross over, and from here you need to head west.

The rest of the tour back to the church can be wet sometimes, so you should stick to the marked path, as it can be soft and soggy in the areas off the path.