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The grey heron

- a patient hunter
There is a certain prehistoric look about the large grey heron, when you see his serpentine neck and heavy wings hovering over water.
The large bird nest in treetops and live in colonies with many nests together in one area. The grey heron lives primarily on fish and frogs, which it finds in streams, lakes and ponds.
The grey heron's hunting technique is a combination of patience and speed. It can stand still for long periods of time, while it scouts for prey. Quick as a flahs, it suddenly swoops into action and grabs the prey with its long beak.
Hat decorations
Herons were  previously hunted themselves because they ate the fish that the fishermen wanted to catch. In the Middle Ages, its meat was considered a delicacy, and it was hunted for a time because its breast and neck feathers were popular for decorating hats with.

Facts about the grey heron
Height 98 cm
Wingspan 150-175 cm
Dark grey wings with black flight feathers. Light grey neck and chest. Black crown and long black feathers at the back of the neck.
Commonly found all over the country. The heron is a protected species, and the population has tripled in the last 30 years.

Fiskehejre, Foto: Peter Dam