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Cicada grasshopper

- beautiful and rare
With its bright green and yellow-green colours, the cicada grasshopper is one of Denmark's most beautiful grasshoppers. It is also one of Denmak's rarest grasshoppers.
The cicada grasshopper is only found in three places in Denmark: Southern Jutland, West Jutland and Lolland Falster.
The cicada grasshopper got its name because of its distinctive cicada-like song. The song is generated by the cicada grasshopper's wings being quickly rubbed against each other. The males sing in order to attract the females.
The cicada grasshopper is found along the paths at the edge of the river valley. It can be difficult to spot in the grass, but listen out for its cicada-like song.
Facts about the cicada grasshopper
Length: 13-20 mm
Olive green and yellow-gree with a black pattern on the side of the head. 
Rare in Denmark. Only found in South Jutland, West Jutland and on Lolland Falster.